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*Hello, my name is Lucy aka LuciL on IMVU.
*I am 24-years-old.
*I am currently working as a hotel receptionist at Seasons.
*I want to travel the world and see new cultures and be free basically.

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Friends-only [10 Feb 2020|10:30am]
[ mood | annoyed ]


:: Well because, the only people reading this, is my friends ::

:: Not to worry about bashers/stalkers/nasties popping in ::

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Her Source of Comfort [07 Mar 2008|01:39am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Authors Note: Decided to do this...when I feel my own real relationship with Dennis is about to collapse tomorrow night when he comes over for a serious talk :/

Disclaimer: I own no HP character, even if their names are different. I own Amellade and Alyss Croft that is it!


"Incendio" A scream was heard, followed by the roar of a streaming fire, many Hufflepuff students in the common room downstairs and froze afraid of venturing up into the girls dormitory tower.

Inside a particular bedroom, a sixth year girl screamed with heartbroken pain "Confringo!" Amellade Croft shrieked pointing her bloodwood wand at two stuffed teddybears cuddling, holding a heart that read 'I love you'. The bears exploded into fluff and feathers.

Downstairs, her little sister Alyss Croft flinched as she heard an explosion before standing up "Enough! We've got to stop her before she destroys the entire girls dormitories". A fourth year girl squealed only to shriek into the yellow couch "But who can calm her down? Not even you can Alyss". The 12-year-old girl sighed and nodded before pacing the common room, wincing again as she heard a desk collapse onto the hard wooden floor upstairs.

Cerdian Diggory soon entered the common room through the still-life portrait only to jump as he heard another explosion from upstairs "What the..." he murmured, he frowned "What is going on here!" he demanded from the rest of the Hufflepuff students, Alyss Croft jumped up and ran over to him "Cerd, you gotta help Ame, she's going psycho!" Cerdian sighed, kneeling down and hugging the frightened young girl "What is it Ali?"

Alyss bit her bottom lip and replied "Amellade's boyfriend of two years...sent her an owl last night, saying he wants to break-up with her. Apparently he met someone in the Aztec ruins and can't stand Amellade being clingy". Cerdian raised an eyebrow "But you and I both know, Amell isn't clingy" Alyss shrugged "Well that git of a boyfriend said she was, now Amellade is swallowing herself in depression and rage...she's destroying the sixth year girls bedroom". Alyss then tugged on Cerdian's hands "Please Cerd, calm her down...I tried and nearly got hit in the head by an exploding chair".

Cerdian sighed ruffling her short brown locks "I don't think I can Ali" he then smiled softly "But I think I know someone who can" standing up, he pulled back his black overcoat sleeve and touched the golden watch around his wrist, whispering an incantation. The watch glowed briefly before fading back to normal. Cerdian smiled and nodded "He should, get the call soon" Alyss frowned, staring up at him curiously "Who did you send a telepathic request to Cerd?" the Heir of Hufflepuff chuckled "Who do we know, who is closest to our Amell?"

Alyss' brown eyes looked lost, only to brighten up with hope and she giggled "Oh right..."

Upstairs, Amellade spun on her feet, nearly slipping and pointed her wand at the photo frame that held a romantic picture of herself and her recently ex-boyfriend Leon, tears ran down her flaming red cheeks as she screamed "Reducto!" the impact was big as a hole was blasted into the centre of the picture, sending glass and wood everywhere. Amellade sniffled as she breathed heavily to herself, Amellade raised her wand again as all around her, fire raged burning everything in its path and trunks, desks, beds were nothing more than blasted debris.

She pointed her own wand at herself and uttered "Cruc..." "Expelliarmus!" a male's voice shouted and her wand flew out of her hands and rolled somewhere on the messy floor, Amellade gasped in surprise and turned, only to see Hadrian standing at the door his own wand pointed, his face pale with shock "Ame, what are you doing!" he shouted before pointing at the fire "Aguamenti" a jet of water shot from his wand and doused the raging fires.

Amellade watched him only to burst out crying a fresh batch of tears, collapsing onto the glass and splintered-covered floor, Hadrian rushed over but not before shouting out the cleaning and mending spells around the room, he stuck his wand into his back pocket and kneeled in front of his dear friend and pulled her onto his lap holding her in a fierce embrace. Amellade's muffled wails were heard as she clung onto Hadrian for dear life, the Heir of Gryffindor closed his eyes and sighed rocking her gently "Shhh, its ok Ame...I'm here now" Amellade sniffed and coughed as she cried, nuzzling her face into the side of his neck "He broke up with me...for a Spanish veela! What kind of boyfriend does that!"

Hadrian shook his head "Ame, why were you the last to notice? Everyone around you, myself and your own sister included knew Leon was a moron, by the way he treated you. Why did it take your heart to break, to finally realise it"

Amellade coughed "Because no man will ever love me...he was my first and longest"

Hadrian rolled his green eyes "How can you be so sure about that?" his hand idly stroked her hair that had long fallen out of its usual side ponytail.

Amellade hiccupped as she felt herself slowly calm down in her friend's embrace and shrugged "I just know...I wasn't ready for a break-up, it was not time"

Hadrian sighed "Break-ups are never planned, they just happen..." Amellade coughed, clearing her throat as she laid her head on his shoulder whispering "Kind of like you and Virginia?" Hadrian blushed and looked away "Yeah kinda" he then pulled away from Amellade and smiled softly.

"Don't think too much about it, one guy shouldn't be the end of the world for you Amell" he reached out and wiped away a tear that escaped her left eye. Amellade smiled uncertainly as she felt a warm feeling bubble inside her, she hoped Hadrian was right.


Well I hope you enjoyed it ladies

Gnite *Sad smile*

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The Princess Code [04 Sep 2007|12:02am]
[ mood | content ]

For all would-be/wish-to-be Princesses, this code is for you! :D


Signing off!

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Moshi in Tokyo Drift video- Hilarious! [27 Aug 2007|09:20pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

No words needed. Recc'd by IMVU pal YukiFree

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The Coloured Soul Mistresses [21 Jun 2007|05:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

Featuring the results and new names of the ladies who did the "What colour is your soul quiz in community _feminissima_

The ladies are...

Queen Rosetta Venus- queen_lily_rose

Lady Abigail Cupid- hugoweavingfg

Lady Lucie Nerida- lys1a

Lady Lyrinde Hermes

Lady Amalthea Neverita- lastunicorn

Lady Prudence Selena- beruche

Lady Celine Athena- purpletophat

Lady Bodacia Bridget- dragonfly_sidhe

Lady Ana Dionysus- yellowallamanda

Lady Lily Calypso- vixen_of_light

Lady Angel Hecate- angelmnemosyne

Lady Prunella Eris- patrol_princess

Lady Rini Persephone- tsukiko_chan_00

Lady Stephanie Eos- arowanbug

Lady Ainsley Demeter- ainsley_blue

Lady Elizabeth Gaia- thefemaleknight

Lady Abby Hestia- abby_enchanted

I know by the many girls who still haven't done this quiz, the list will continue to grow :D Which means more dollying for me >_< Hehe.

Signing off!

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